Fed Rate Hike Will Cause Hyperinflationary Great Depression – John Williams

USA Watchdog, Released on 2/8/22 Economist John Williams says the economy is in deep trouble, and the Fed knows it. Walter J. “John” Williams has been a private consulting economist and a specialist in government economic reporting for more than 30 years. His economic consultancy is called Shadow Government Statistics (shadowstats.com). His early work in […]

Doug Casey & Richard Maybury: A Depression Is Inevitable

Doug Casey’s Take, Released on 10/4/21 Today, we’re joined by Richard Maybury. Rick is the editor of The Early Warning Report. If you’re not currently a subscriber, I’d encourage you to become one today: http://richardmaybury.com/  Join our email list to get special reports and updates from us https://smith.substack.com/p/doug-cas… Connect with us on Telegram: https://t.me/dougcasey […]

Michael Pento: The Fed is creating a deflationary depression

Michael Pento: The Fed is creating a deflationary depression

RT, Released on 6/3/21 The Federal Reserve is set to begin selling bonds that it scooped up during the pandemic. Octavio Marenzi of Opimus LLC and Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies lend their insight to the central bank’s latest decision and the continuing inflation facing the nation. Michael Pento is a specialist in Austrian […]

Jordan Roy-Byrne: Worse Than a Stock Market Crash…

Jordan Roy-Byrne: Worse Than a Stock Market Crash…

The Daily Gold, Released on 4/27/21 An inflationary bear market that persists for a decade is worse than a stock market crash. The 1968-1982 period was actually worse for the 60/40 portfolio than the 1929-1942 period. Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT is a Chartered Market Technician and member of the Market Technicians Association.. He is the publisher […]

Harry Dent: You can’t keep doing this!

The Income Generation Show, Released on 1/10/21 Harry Dent is a Fortune 100 consultant, new venture investor, noted speaker, bestselling author, and the founder and senior editor at Dent Research, where he dedicates himself to identifying and studying demographic, technological, and geopolitical trends. He has a free daily newsletter at www.harrydent.com called “Survive and Prosper.” […]

Gerald Celente – Depression, Covid, Gold, Rigged Markets, US Dollar, Interest Rates, Occupy Peace

Talk Digital Network, Released on 12/12/20 Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist and founder of The Trends Research Institute. He is the author of the national bestseller Trends 2000: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century and publisher of the internationally circulated Trends Journal newsletter. Gerald Celente is […]

Mannarino: The US Economy Continues To FREE-FALL As Inflation Rises

TradersChoice.net, Released on 11/12/20 Gregory Mannarino started his career working for the securities and trading arm of the now defunct Bear Stearns before the dot-com bubble. After realizing that working on Wall Street was not like the movies, he moved on to get a medical degree and practiced medicine as a Physician Assistant. He also […]