Harley Schlanger: The Real Lesson of the Cuban Missile Crisis

The LaRouche Organization, Released on 10/28/22 Yesterday’s extraordinary dialogue of legislators organized by the Schiller Institute (linked below) offers a glimpse into how real adults respond to crisis, not with macho bravado but with genuine concern for the interests of others — the Westphalian Principle, rejected by Tony Blair and today’s War Hawks. Sixty years […]

Harley Schlanger: We Are Now Living in a Full-Fledged Cuban Missile Crisis in Reverse!

The LaRouche Organization, Released on 2/28/22 Events have taken an ominous turn in the last 24 hours. The sanctions imposed against Russia and the accelerating flow of weapons into Ukraine have convinced Putin that it is necessary to put Russia’s nuclear forces on alert. What happens next cannot be left to the corrupt leaders of […]