Jordan Roy-Byrne: Gold’s Secular Bull Market has Not Started

The Daily Gold, Released on 2/21/24 Gold trended higher from 2016 to 2020 and has consolidated around its all-time highs. However, it is not yet in a secular bull market because it is struggling to outperform the 60/40 conventional investment portfolio. Intro 0:00 Gold vs. 60/40 Portfolio 0:15 Gold vs. Monetary Base 4:50 Gold vs. […]

Rick Rule – Massive Gold, Silver, and Previous Metals Bull Market Incoming

ABC Bullion, Released on 9/13/21 As gold struggles to hold above US$1,800 level, Shae Russell asks Rick Rule if the sentiment behind gold has changed? Not so says Rick, rather gold is yet to become a mainstream investment asset, and they demand for precious metals is set to soar. Rick Rule, founder and chairman of […]

Chris Vermeulen’s 100% Move Back into Equities, It’s Still a Raging Bull Market, Full “Melt Up”

Stansberry Research, Released on 7/29/21 We are still in a raging bull market and a full “Melt Up” and we will continue to see it until proven wrong, says Chris Vermeulen founder of The Techincal Traders. He added that the risk is still high for a breakdown, “we are on a verge of getting into […]