Rand Paul: Fauci’s Chinese pals still experimenting with viruses 15 times more deadly than COVID-19 (and using U.S. taxpayer money to do it)

Herman James, Market Sanity, Released on 6/5/21 Dr. Paul spoke to Sean Hannity of Fox News on Friday about the deception of Dr. Fauci and exposed another startling revelation about the gain-of-function research being conducted in Wuhan with Fauci’s blessing. “There are worse viruses. This [COVID-19] is a bad one, it has about a one […]

Rob Kirby Shocker: Bioweapon, Crack-Up Boom – Most Will Not Survive!

Wealth Research Group, Released on 4/4/20 Rob Kirby is a financial commentator and former broker who worked on an institutional trading desk for most of the 1980s and right up until 1996. He also worked for 11 years at Prebon Yamane, an international inter-dealer broker of foreign exchange and interest rate products. He spent an […]