The Story Arc of SBF, FTX & Alameda | Ben Hunt & Doomberg

Blockworks Macro, Released on 9/28/22 On today’s episode of “On the Margin”, Doomberg, everyones favorite green chicken, joins the the show for an update on the European energy crisis. After making bold claims throughout 2021 on the global energy situation, and particularly in Europe, Doomberg provides an update on the state of the European energy […]

Ben Hunt & Grant Williams discuss the climactic events leading up to the 2020 election

The Grant Williams Podcast, Released on 11/1/20 With the U.S. election just hours away, Ben Hunt joins Grant to discuss the narrative heading into a seemingly climactic event upon which so much is riding. Orwell’s 1984, the words you need to recognize as both sides try to mobilize opinion and the importance of creating an […]

Ben Hunt: Inflation Ahead! Why Investing Is About To Change

Peak Prosperity, Released on 10/23/20 Ben Hunt — highly respected fund manager, author, and former professor/entrepreneur/venture capitalist — says that to be successful in managing wealth, there’s only one question that matters: Are we entering a deflationary future, or an inflationary one? The strategies and appropriate investment targets in each are extremely different, so you’d […]

Ben Hunt: Our ‘profoundly deflationary environment’ will soon give way to significant inflation

Macro Voices, Released on 5/17/20 Topics: Three narratives of Coronavirus crisis Is the recent monetary & fiscal response to COVID-19 leading us from deflation to inflation? Will the Federal Reserve Act have to change? Frontline Heroes – how did it start and how can others help? Ben Hunt is the founder of the Epsilon Theory […]

A Day Of Reckoning Coming? → A Real Conversation with Ben Hunt & Keith McCullough

Hedgeye, Released on 5/13/20 (Recorded on 5/12/20) Join Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough and Epsilon Theory CIO Ben Hunt for a pro-to-pro investing discussion about the current market environment. Ben Hunt’s bio: Mr. Keith R. McCullough is the Founder and CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management LLC. He covers the strategy sector at the firm. Prior […]

Ben Hunt and Danielle DiMartino Booth discuss their effort to get personal protective equipment into the hands of healthcare workers

Real Vision Finance, Released on 4/9/20 These are times of fear, concern, and anguish for the world. Life as we know it has been turned upside down, and the prospect of some day returning to our quotidian normality seems further with every passing day. There is, however, one thing that has changed for the better […]