Max Keiser: Ethereum is ‘pyramid scheme’, scam DeFi will blow up, only Bitcoin will be left (Part 2/2)

Kitco News, Released on 1/26/22 For Part 1 of this interview, CLICK HERE Altcoins, and Ethereum in particular, are “just outright scams” and will should eventually cease to exist, said Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report and co-hot of The Orange Pill Podcast. Speaking to Michelle Makori, editor-in-chief of Kitco News, Keiser noted that […]

Max Keiser: Bitcoin will beat gold by 100x, altcoins will get ‘shut down,’ go to 0 (Part 2/2)

Kitco News, Released on 8/11/21 For Part 1 of this interview, CLICK HERE 0:00 – Bitcoin’s intrinsic value 3:20 – Bitcoin price forecast 4:19 – Altcoins will “go to zero” 7:46 – Proof of stake 8:15 – Ethereum flippening 11:11 – Transaction coins 12:55 – “Max coin” “There is no top price for Bitcoin because […]

Max Keiser: ‘Bitcoin Price of Between $400K and $500K is the Most Likely Scenario’

U Today, Released on 5/18/20 Max Keiser tells us why he thinks Bitcoin, gold, and silver are the best safe-havens and calls altcoins exit scams. Max Keiser is an American broadcaster and film-maker. He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on RT. He presents a weekly show about finance and markets on London’s Resonance […]