Jim Rogers on the ever-changing financial landscape

Nomad Capitalist, Released on 10/1/23 Discover the financial insights of Jim Rogers, an American investor and financial commentator, in our exclusive interview. Jim Rogers shares his vast knowledge on investment strategies, global economic trends, and the ever-changing financial landscape. From his extensive experiences in international markets to his valuable advice for aspiring investors, Jim Rogers […]

Jim Rogers Warns: ‘This Will Be The Worst Recession Of My Lifetime’

Business Today, Released on 10/17/22 Amidst the ongoing volatility in the world markets, Jim Rogers, Commodity Guru has warned the world that “before this phase is over, this will be the worst recession in my lifetime.” Talking about how the “bad debt” triggered a recession in 2008, Rogers further said that “the debt has gotten […]

Jim Rogers: Worst bear market in his lifetime will follow one last market rally

Jim Rogers: Worst bear market in his lifetime will follow one last market rally

Kitco News, Released on 7/20/22 Jim Rogers offers his analysis of the latest movements in stocks, gold, and commodities. He argues that ‘in a few weeks’ we should expect to see a ‘positive development’ when it comes to the Ukraine conflict, and this might cause a rally in stocks. He spoke with Michelle Makori, Editor-in-Chief […]

Mickey Fulp: I’m Bullish on Physical Gold and Farmland, Exiting Resource Juniors

Investing News, Released on 5/24/22 (Recorded on 5/17/22) This interview was filmed on May 17, 2022. ​With the general markets in turmoil, Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp sees few places to turn — but there are still some areas of opportunity that he’s looking at. “I’m always bullish on something. I’m bearish on the markets, (but) […]

Jim Rogers: I suspect things with Russia will calm down soon and ‘markets will go up again’

Business Standard, Released on 3/2/22 Chairman of Rogers Holdings Jim Rogers reveals his investment strategies in an interview with Business Standard’s Puneet Wadhwa. The geopolitical crisis, he says, is an opportunity to buy. Listen in. Jim Rogers co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros in 1973, helping to steer the fund to a 4200% return […]

Jim Rogers discusses investing in gold, agriculture, and Asia

Liberty and Finance, Released on 2/21/22 Investor and bestselling author Jim Rogers says central bankers know the consequences of endless currency creation and are buying gold to protect themselves. Rogers joins us to discuss investing in gold, agriculture, and Asia. 1:10 Gold & silver volatility 3:43 Metals pullback? 5:33 Are banks safe? 6:47 Diversifying 8:34 […]

Jim Rogers: The ‘Worst Bear Market Of Our Lifetime’ Is Nearing Fast. Own Commodities, Get Rich.

Wealthion, Released on 9/17/21 Legendary investor Jim Rogers has seen more market ups and downs than most people alive today. And he has successfully made money — a LOT of money — in the process. But given today’s macroenvironment, he’s more concerned about the market’s future prospects than he’s ever been before. In fact, he […]