Surviving food price inflation with Charles Hugh Smith

Silver Doctors, Released on 8/5/22

Food price inflation is all the rage, and in many places around the world, food price inflation is even rage inducing. In America, if other forms of inflation haven’t financially killed off the masses, then it might just be food price inflation that hammers the final nail in the coffin. So what are towns, cities, states and nations doing about it, and perhaps more importantly, what can we as individuals do about it? Do we just slowly drown in the abyss of hunger and malnutrition, or do we take control of our circumstances and even turn the problems into solutions? To help us chew on all of this for a while, we need people who understand these dynamics from the macro to the micro, so Charles Hugh Smith sat down with Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart on Thursday, August 4th, 2022, to share a nice hot cup of analysis.

Charles Hugh Smith writes the Of Two Minds blog which covers an eclectic range of timely topics: finance, housing, Asia, energy, long-term trends, social issues, health/diet/fitness and sustainability. From its humble beginnings in May 2005, Of Two Minds now attracts some 200,000 visits a month. Charles also contributes to AOL’s Daily Finance site and has written eight books, most recently Money and Work Unchained.

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