Stanley Druckenmiller: Current Fed policy is totally inappropriate

CNBC, Released on 5/11/21

Stanley Druckenmiller, CEO of Duquesne Family Office, and Christian Broda, managing director at Duquesne, argued in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that the Fed shouldn’t be in emergency mode after the emergency has passed. They warn that the distortion of long-term interest rates is risky for the economy and for the Fed itself. Druckenmiller and Broda also say there are political pressures in the not-too-distant future that require the Fed to stop enabling fiscal and market excesses now. Druckenmiller joined “Squawk Box” on Tuesday to discuss.

Stanley Druckenmiller is an American investor, hedge fund manager and philanthropist. He is the former chairman and president of Duquesne Capital, which he founded in 1981. He closed the fund in August 2010 because he felt unable to deliver high returns to his clients. At the time of closing, Duquesne Capital had over $12 billion in assets. From 1988 to 2000, he managed money for George Soros as the lead portfolio manager for Quantum Fund. He is reported to have made $260 million in 2008.

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