Russell Starr: Stealthiest Bull Market Ever for Gold

Palisades Gold Radio, Released on 5/21/21

Tom welcomes Russell Starr, President, and CEO of Trillium Gold, to the program.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:30 – Stealth Gold Bull Market
2:13 – Investors Needed
3:52 – Measuring Inflation
5:42 – Canadian Dollar & Gold
8:12 – Political Attitudes
9:15 – COVID Challenges
10:49 – Why Red Lake?
11:52 – Mergers
12:58 – Defi Technologies
14:15 – Bitcoin and Gold
19:02 – Investing Approach
19:43 – Crypto & Transparency
20:33 – Targets Gold/Crypto
22:05 – Institutions & Crypto
23:00 – Gold & Institutions
24:49 – Concluding Thoughts

Russell explains how we are in the stealthiest gold bull market because most investors are overlooking it. This lack of interest has created enormous opportunities for investors. Inflation is likely to drive generalist investors back. Just consider housing prices and compare them with the official CPI numbers. The value of everything is being destroyed, and investors will soon realize that they should put money into gold.

The US is hyperinflating its currency, and their hedonic adjustments to the CPI hide inflation. If you look at, you can see where inflation should be if calculated by historical metrics.

The fiscal imbalances in Canada are pretty bad, and the Trudeau government believes they can keep rates low and continue printing. Canada still has record levels of debt, and while the Canadian currency has improved against the US Dollar, it has weakened against gold. Gold remains artificially held down because it would make the dollar look even worse. However, people are finally taking delivery of their gold and silver which will weaken this control. The Canadian government isn’t supporting resource companies as they should, and resources are the country’s lifeblood.

The fastest-growing sector in crypto is decentralized finance and will alter the global financial landscape. This market is kind of like internet 2.0 and is the fastest-growing sector in the world. He believes gold and bitcoin are complementary and that they can work together. They both serve important purposes, and focusing on only one or the other is the wrong approach.

His approach to investing is to have a few large positions with a specific view of the market. He discusses some price targets for gold and crypto, along with some calls on commodities. He points out that gold juniors are currently the cheapest they have been versus all US exchanges.

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