Ross Beaty: Gold is Going to New All Time Highs

Palisade Radio, Released on 1/28/20

Ross discusses his early career and the lessons he learned while building his first company Equinox Resources. He says, “It’s a great deal of fun to be able to build several companies.” Recently he realized that now was the time to build a new gold company at scale. To that end, he has founded Equinox Gold. We are still relatively early in this gold bull market, and there is a considerable distance to go. He cautions that eventually, the broader markets will have to correct, as money printing can’t continue forever.

0:40 – His early education and travels.
2:00 – Building something from nothing.
2:50 – Selling his first company.
4:00 – Timing and building a new company.
8:15 – Outlook for gold.
11:00 – Money printing until the party ends.
12:00 – Juniors and a future mania.
13:50 – Favorite books, lessons, and his interests.
17:00 – Risks in mining and diversifying.

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