Ross Beaty: Gold Fundamentals Terrific, Set to Blow Through Previous High

Investing News, Released on 2/2/23 (Recorded on 1/30/23)

After gold’s flat performance in 2022, mining sector entrepreneur Ross Beaty expects a better year in 2023. “Quite frankly, I think there’s so much momentum right now — I’m very confident gold’s going to blow through its previous high and sail into new territory, probably this year,” he said. Beaty also spoke about the future for Equinox Gold and why this year could be “explosive” for juniors.

0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Equinox Gold and why bigger is better
4:17 – Gold demand growing, supply flat
7:43 – New high for gold coming in 2023
11:04 – How inflation is impacting gold miners
13:44 – Gold and silver during stagflation
16:53 – 2023 could be explosive for juniors
18:37 – Outro

Ross J. Beaty is an entrepreneur and businessperson who has been at the helm of 12 different companies and is Chairman for Equinox Gold Corp., former Chairman at Pan American Silver Corp. (which he founded in 1994), and Chairman for Regalito Copper Corp. Ross J. Beaty is also President & Director at Sitka Foundation and on the board of 5 other companies. He is the founder of 6 different companies, including: Pan American Silver Corp., Global Copper Corp. and Northern Peru Copper Corp.

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