Ron Paul: Bitcoin should be legalized as money, let it compete with Dollar

Kitco News, Released on 6/2/21

0:00 – Inflation
4:24 – Fed monetary policy
11:20 – Fed audit
14:23 – Monetary system collapse
16:40 – Bitcoin as an alternative asset

With Bitcoin having faced regulatory pressures in Turkey and China, investors are concerned if more regulations will be placed on the cryptocurrency in the U.S., especially now that the newly appointed Chair of the SEC, Gary Gensler, has announced that new regulations will be on the way.

Former Congressman Ron Paul said that Bitcoin is a form of money, and money should not be regulated.

“Right now, if you buy and sell gold, you get it taxed, they can do that. If you make a profit in Bitcoin, you read stories about people being taxed on it. You can’t tax money, you don’t tax it. If you bought a dollar a year ago and it went down 10%, you can’t take a loss because your dollar lost value,” Paul told Michelle Makori, editor-in-chief for Kitco News.

Dr. Ron Paul is a physician and former twelve-term congressman from Texas who ran for president in 2008. He is the author of eight books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Revolution: A Manifesto and End The Fed. An unwavering defender of the US Constitution, Paul has been an advocate of sound money, personal liberty, free markets, and international peace throughout his political career and beyond. He is chairman of the FREE Foundation, founder of the Campaign for Liberty, and distinguished counselor to the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Dr. Paul recently started the Ron Paul Liberty Report, an online broadcast alternative to the mainstream media. Ron’s most recent novel is Swords into Plowshares.


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