Rick Rule: Gold, Oil and Gas, Coal, Water — Commodities for Now and Later

Investing News Network, Released on 5/20/22 (Recorded on 5/17/22)

*This interview was filmed on May 17, 2022

As the broader markets face volatility, what is Rick Rule doing with his money? Rule, who is a well-known investor and speculator, as well as proprietor at Rule Investment Media, said he has a shopping list ready and sees the current circumstances as an opportunity. “I’m no market forecaster, but part of me suggests this could get worse before it gets better,” he said at the recent Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Volatility and chances of a recession
2:24 – You can’t go on strike from investing
3:39 – War, gold and why diversification is key
6:19 – Where Rick is focusing right now
8:15 – The case for coal and water
11:35 – Russia, Ukraine and supply chains
13:22 – Rule Symposium, July 26 to 29
15:15 – Outro

Rick Rule, founder and chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., began his career in the securities business in 1974. He is a leading American retail broker specializing in mining, energy, water utilities, forest products and agriculture. His company has built a national reputation on taking advantage of global opportunities in the oil and gas, mining, alternative energy, agriculture, forestry and water industries. He is also the founder of Rule Investment Media.

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