“Price Rally For The Ages” Coming w/ Triple Digit Silver | Ed Steer

Liberty and Finance, Released on 9/3/21

We could see a “price rally for the ages” if precious metal manipulation ends, says Ed Steer. He argues gold and silver are not allowed to trade freely. In a short covering rally, he sees prices many multiples of today’s. Are gold and silver markets manipulated? It’s debated.

Find Ed Steer online: https://edsteergoldsilver.com

1:08 The silver story
3:27 Manipulation
8:39 Gold & silver investing
14:00 Gold vs. silver

Ed Steer is the founder of Ed Steer’s Gold and Silver Digest and a director at GATA.org.

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bob bye

Manipulation Debated ?

Not by anybody with half a brain.


Indeed. Anyone who tries to claim there is no ongoing manipulation — i.e., suppression, for the most part — is surely either an idiot and/or an “interested party” (bankster scumbag or shill thereof).