Peter Schiff: Both Trump and AOC’s Ignorance of Economics is Staggering to Behold

Euro Pacific Capital, Released on 1/27/20

If Trump stays in office for two full terms, AOC’s America may be a very difficult trap to escape.


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This is more or less a useless commentary. Not sure what the point is of Schiff’s having written it. A daily rant over inconsequential things??? Anyone who thinks a President can do this or can do that, and presto, fix the economy, is delusional. Anyone who thinks the US President should come out and tell everyone how bad things are is equally delusional. How do you suppose that would work for the markets??? The US’s and the world’s economic situation is in such a mess due to those who control it. Its pretty much as simple as that. Nothing works as it should. Everything has been corrupted to an extreme degree because criminals are in control.