Peter Grandich: Uranium, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin

THE EARLY STAGE INVESTOR, Released on 11/16/21

00:00 – Uranium
3:10 – Limited Downside Risk in Gold and Silver
5:27 – Not Bullish Growth Stocks?
7:40 – Bitcoin the AOL of Crypto?
12:32 – Why would the Fed lose Its ability to prop up markets?
19:44 – Danger in financial markets
22:22 – Gold a safe haven asset?
25:31 – Where to learn more

Peter Grandich & Company specializes in retirement, business and estate planning, that operates with the slogan that they “enable common people to attain uncommon results.” The company was formed by Peter following decades of experience in the markets, having served in roles that include Chief Market Strategist, Portfolio Manager, and Head of Investment Strategy among others.

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Dirk Goulash

Sorry, but I’ve got a different take on Mr. Armstrong. This guy qualifies as another typical online “expert” like so many others in the advisory business. A first impression might find him appealing on a few topics but he eventually exposes who he really is. He’s cut from the same cloth at David Morgan, Gregory Mannarino, Mac Slavo, Mike Maloney, Michael Snyder, and esp. Chris Martenson. These guys couldn’t forecast or predict their way out of a paper bag.

But don’t worry…this is only my opinion. Apparently the general marketplace thinks otherwise by a large margin. And besides, what the heck do I know about anything.

With humble regards,
The Unknown