Peter Grandich: There’s No Such Thing as a Sure Thing — but Uranium is Close

Investing News, Released on 9/1/22 (Recorded on 8/24/22)

“There’s no such thing as a sure thing … but the closest I’ve ever seen in all the years I’ve been doing this — which is 38 — is the uranium market now,” said Peter Grandich. He’s also bullish on gold and copper, and explains why in this interview.

0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Peter’s portfolio and general market thoughts
4:45 – The main challenge for junior miners right now
8:51 – Gold rangebound, but not getting clobbered
16:03 – Uranium close to a sure thing, but patience needed
21:52 – How Peter is approaching uranium stocks
25:02 – Copper supply limited, extreme demand coming
30:13 – Be a live chicken, not a dead duck
31:56 – Outro

Peter Grandich’s work can be found at Peter Grandich and Company and Pete Speaks.

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