Peter Boockvar: What Will Cause the Fed to Pivot?

Monetary Metals, Released on 11/21/22

Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Financial Group Peter Boockvar joins the Gold Exchange Podcast to discuss market dynamics, the Fed pivot, unemployment and more! What’s in store for the DXY, Yen and precious metals? Is the Fed pivot a question of when and why, not if? Can unemployment numbers remain low?

00:00-00:15 Intro
00:15-00:36 Peter Boockvar
00:36-02:08 Fed Pivot?
02:08-04:42 Key Indicator
04:42-06:16 Unemployment Figures
06:16-09:06 Zombie Slaying and the QE Pivot
09:06-11:53 Gold and Silver Prices
11:53-15:04 Dollar Milkshake Theory
15:04-15:27 The Boock Report
15:27-16:11 Investing Wisdom
16:11-16:52 Outro

Peter Boockvar is the Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Financial Group and Editor of The Boock Report newsletter

Keith Weiner earned his Ph.D. from the (non-accredited) New Austrian School of Economics. He speaks worldwide about the failing dollar system and the need to rediscover the gold standard. To this end, He founded the Gold Standard Institute USA and Monetary Metals. The former is a nonprofit focused on education and outreach. The latter makes it profitable to invest in the gold standard by paying gold interest on gold. Previously, Keith founded DiamondWare, a voice technology company that he sold to Nortel Networks in 2008.

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