Peter Boockvar: Recession Near As Fed Hikes Rates While Economy Slows

Wealthion, Released on 3/15/22

As the Russian invasion into Ukraine continues into its 3rd week, despite the world’s hopes for resolution uncertainty continues to grow. What will the geopolitical situation look like after a cease-fire is declared? IF one is declared. How badly will the trade disruptions with Russia worsen inflation, given Russia’s role as a top exporter for many key commodities? Are we weakening the US dollars’ role as the global reserve currency by giving other nations cause to accelerate their efforts to de-dollarize? The cost of capital is increasing as interest rates are on the rise — right as we anticipate the Federal Reserve to kick off a new era of Quantitative Tightening at its meeting this week. Are a further correction in the markets and possibly a recession now more likely as a result? To help us understand what is likely to emerge from all this swirling uncertainty, we welcome Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer at Bleakley Advisory Group and Editor of The Boock Report. Peter’s articles can be found at & his Twitter handle is @pboockvar

Peter Boockvar is the Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Financial Group and Editor of The Boock Report newsletter

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