Pension Fund Collapse Is Inevitable | Keith Wiener

Liberty and Finance, Released on 10/24/22 (Recorded on 10/21/22)

For four decades, interest rates have been falling. To make returns in such an environment, financial institutions and pension funds have had to leverage themselves to unprecedented levels. These distortions have largely been allowed due to an abandonment of the gold standard, which removed any real restraint on the financial system. Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals, estimates that nearly all defined benefit pension funds are insolvent. “There is no good way to run [the pension funds] in a falling interest rate environment.”

0:00 Intro
2:00 Transparency
7:58 Derivatives
20:50 Getting money out
29:15 Liberty & privacy
41:00 East/West split
46:30 Monetary Metals
47:00 Miles Franklin

Keith Weiner earned his Ph.D. from the (non-accredited) New Austrian School of Economics. He speaks worldwide about the failing dollar system and the need to rediscover the gold standard. To this end, He founded the Gold Standard Institute USA and Monetary Metals. The former is a nonprofit focused on education and outreach. The latter makes it profitable to invest in the gold standard by paying gold interest on gold. Previously, Keith founded DiamondWare, a voice technology company that he sold to Nortel Networks in 2008.

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