The Money Bubble Will Pop, Gold is Real Money – James Turk Interview

Kenneth Ameduri, Crush The Street, Released on 8/1/16

01:40 Gold Real Money says the Constitution
04:30 Blueprint to go Back to Sound Money System
06:15 Refuting Harry Dent who said Gold is Not Money
09:00 Does the Gold Supply need to Increase with Population?
10:35 The Problem with a Bi-Metalic System: Price Fixing
11:40 Today’s Silver Shortage Explained & Gold Backwardation
14:50 Insurance Companies Buy Gold Because of NIRP
17:20 ETF Gold Sham: No Physical Backing
20:00 James Final Thoughts: We’re in a Money Bubble
21:45 Get more from Gold Money

James Turk has specialized in international banking, finance and investments since graduating in 1969 from George Washington University with a B.A. degree in International Economics. His career began at Chase Manhattan Bank (now JPMorgan Chase & Co.), which included assignments in Thailand, the Philippines and Hong Kong. He subsequently joined the investment and trading company of a prominent precious metals trader based in Greenwich, Connecticut. He moved to the United Arab Emirates in December 1983 to be appointed Manager of the Commodity Department of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, a position he held until resigning in 1987. Thereafter he held various advisory roles in money management until founding GoldMoney, which was launched in 2001. He is the co-author of The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It & The Money Bubble

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