Mind-Boggling Physical Silver Flows Into ETFs | Ted Butler

Reluctant Preppers, Released on 7/28/19

​What “whale” is behind the recent unprecedented buying of silver futures to build a record concentrated position? This massive hedge has spurred feverish speculation that it reveals pre-positioning by a huge player in anticipation of a major wave of physical silver buying that could drive the price vastly higher.

Now, a new revelation of “mind-boggling” recent accumulation of physical silver in response to cash inflows into ETFs begs the question of whether we are witnessing the fulfillment of the anticipated bullion grab. Are these separate events really connected as phases of a master plan?

Silver market analyst Ted Butler of ButlerResearch.com returns to Reluctant Preppers to report a new development in this unprecedented mystery. Butler declares that the “whale” is more likely to be an insurance or hedge fund converting COMEX futures contracts into physical silver via ETFs.

Theodore Butler is an independent silver analyst who has published unique precious metals commentaries on the internet since 1996. He is the head of Butler Research LLC, where he offers a subscription service of weekly commentaries, including detailed analysis of the Commitment of Traders Report, regulatory developments, supply and demand considerations, and topics of interest to investors in precious metals, with an emphasis on silver.

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