Mike Maloney: How the Russian Gold Ban Speeds Up THE GREAT RESET

Gold Silver (w/ Mike Maloney), Released on 6/28/22

Today, Mike Maloney delivers an earth-shattering news update based around what he dubbed many years ago as ‘The Death of the Global Dollar Standard’…but is now more commonly referred to as ‘The Great Reset’. What is happening with recent Western ban on Russian gold? What will it mean for the price of gold in the next crisis? Also, Mike highlights some very important segments from Putin’s latest speech.

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Michael Maloney is a precious metals investment expert and historian. He is the founder and owner of GoldSilver.com, a global leader in gold and silver sales/storage and one of the world’s most highly regarded investment education companies. He is author of the highest selling precious metals investment book of all time, Rich Dad’s Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver. In addition, Mr. Maloney has been a precious metals investor advisor to “Rich Dad” founder Robert Kiyosaki. A student of economics, Mike is regarded as an expert on economic cycles and capitalizing on the opportunities they afford.

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“Price is based on supply and demand” . . . I have been listening to Andy Schectman et al talk about the unprecedented demand for silver for months, while the price has gone down 20%. Forgive me if I don’t accept that the reduction of gold supply from Russia will have a positive effect on the price of gold.
All that matters is what the banksters decide, because the laws do not matter in the US anymore.