Michael Pento & Max Keiser: Why isn’t gold performing better? (Part 1/2)

RT, Released on 9/14/21

For Part 2 of this interview, CLICK HERE

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look back to what Henry Ford and others said about an energy-backed currency and the problem with using gold when governments control so much of it. In the second half, Max chats with Michael Pento of PentoPort.com about his case for gold in an era when, indeed, so much is controlled by the same entities, institutions and governments who have caused the economic disasters before us.

Max Keiser is an American broadcaster and film-maker. He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on RT. He presents a weekly show about finance and markets on London’s Resonance FM, and writes for The Huffington Post. Keiser invented “Virtual Specialist Technology,” a software system used by the Hollywood Stock Exchange. Prior to inventing this technology, he worked on Wall Street where he began working after graduating from NYU.

Michael Pento is a specialist in Austrian economics and is the President of Pento Portfolio Strategies. Prior to starting Pento Portfolio Strategies he served as a senior economist and VP of the managed products division of another well known financial firm. Michael has also created ETFs and UITs that were sold throughout Wall Street. Earlier in his career, he worked on the floor of the NYSE. He is the author of The Coming Bond Market Collapse: How to Survive the Demise of the U.S. Debt Market.

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It does seem shocking that precious metal prices fail to rise when hyperinflation is kicking in and almost all the other commodities have skyrocketed in price, but if you consider the history, there should be no surprise, For many decades now, the prices of gold and silver have been completely manipulated by the Central Banks in collusion with federal governments.

I had hoped — and still hope — that perhaps the prices would be allowed to rise at some point before a complete economic and currency collapse was upon us. Now I am not so hopeful. As an old man, this is unfortunate for me, as I hate to have to start selling at these incredibly deflated prices.. But when you are retired and have health problems and also would like to help your children, there comes a point where it is not just about “preserving wealth”.