Michael Pento: Latest Stock Rally, Low Yields, High Inflation, & Gold

Mike Gleason, Money Metals Exchange, Released on 8/26/16

Michael Pento explains who’s behind the latest stock market rally, the truth about the economy’s health despite what the labor and payroll reports are telling us, and how he views gold as a must-have asset in the current and future environment.

Michael Pento is a specialist in Austrian economics and is the President of Pento Portfolio Strategies. Prior to starting Pento Portfolio Strategies he served as a senior economist and VP of the managed products division of another well known financial firm. Michael has also created ETFs and UITs that were sold throughout Wall Street. Earlier in his career, he worked on the floor of the NYSE. He is the author of The Coming Bond Market Collapse: How to Survive the Demise of the U.S. Debt Market.

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stagflation is the new normal

gov’t continues to massively raise taxes, spend like it’s 1999,massive borrowing (to no where) both on the state and federal level leading to a stagflationary nightmare that will inevitably lead to collapse (martial law) or war