Martin Armstrong: Why Goldbugs Get Crushed

Armstrong Economics, Released on 3/3/20

Inevitably, the goldbugs blame shorts. That is NEVER the case in any crash. The real cause is that you have exhausted the buying.


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“I have stated countless times that gold will rally ONLY when the general public perceives there is a crisis with the government.”

WRONG!!!! The ONLY way gold will ever rally is when the physical market drives the price. It is that simple. It would be VERY interesting to know just how much fake gold the LBMA has sold into the market. Remember, every business day, gold trades more tonnage than is mined in a year. How is this possible??? I would like Mr Armstrong to explain this one. Also remember that in the global bond market, the turnover each day is 1% of the total outstanding bonds. If that ratio holds true for the massively secretive gold market, then the gold market would need something like 500,000 to 600,000 tonnes of gold (beyond all the gold in jewelry, tooth fillings, electronics and so on). But, less than 200,000 tonnes of gold has been mined throughout history. How is this possible without fraud? So, don’t believe Martin Armstrong on this. Just because he is right in some things doesn’t automatically mean he is right in all things. So when Joe small “investor” decides to buy gold coins in quantity, there will be immense pressure on the physical market.

Prof Chaos

I agree with Martin on this one. I believe there is a clear and present crisis in all governments. So, I’m buying gold and silver and miners. We are in a HUUUUGE expansion, the greatest market ever, but deficits have never been higher but are increasing, Bonds are the lowest EVER (ever is a LOOOONG time), zoombie companies everywhere, layoffs, new store closings every time I ride around town………..