Markets Melt-Up as LIBOR Freezes-Up | Lynette Zang

Reluctant Preppers, Released on 6/1/18

Despite the Jan 2018 dropoff in trust between banks evidenced by a cliff-event in inter-bank lending​, and 2 quarters of staggering volatility by the DJIA, the handlers appear determined to prop up the markets at any cost, but for how long?

Lynette Zang, chief market analyst at ITM Trading, returns to Reluctant Preppers to draw the inescapable parallels between the runup to the crash of 2008 vs. today. Zang reveals the specific evidence that points to a major shakeup approaching. Will the trigger come from a surprise eco/political event such as Italy exiting the EU?

Or what about the breaching of bond contracts that have already been mandated to be restructured in 2-1/2 yrs, which appears destined to be a Mission Impossible, given the tangled derivative complex and 100% consensus requirement?

Or how about the emerging market nations that recently pegged their fates tot he USD just as the dollar did an about-face and appears ready to drag them into oblivion?

Finally, Zang treats us to a sneak peek at her urban farm, now with floating garden islands! You gotta appreciate this synergistic integration of flora, fauna, and a reservoir of life-giving water in her Southwest US backyard!

Lynette Zang has held the position of Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading since 2002. Ms. Zang has been in the markets on some level since 1964. Her mission is to convert financial noise into understandable language. She has been a banker, a stock broker and studied world currencies since 1987. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community in order to survive and thrive through the hyperinflation she sees in the near future.

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