Mark Cuban: ‘I was dumb enough to think I would be able to talk people out of voting for Donald Trump’

Mark Cuban, Blog Maverick, Released on 11/19/16

Peter Thiel was right when he said that Trump supporters take him seriously, but not literally. When it comes to reporting the news, a presidential campaign and election is


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Mary J Berry

Quite frankly, Mark Cuban, having had a relationship with Trump knew him as a narcissist already, called him out for what he was, and I hold him to his honesty despite what I think as slightly skewed thinking.
Trump is a genius on how to play the media, he has spent years playing a part in the Apprentice and likely spent the better part of his campaign and now, while he is interviewing people for his cabinet still playing that part. He really doesn’t have a clue how to be the president, he’s grossly under qualified for it, but he has 1/4 of the population who support him, for now. As soon as he and those establishment GOP pass a few laws privatizing Medicare, social security, Medicaid, UI, welfare, food stamps or many other social programs including education that will change.after all Romney himself said that 47% of flyover America are on welfare, farm subsidies, or other social programs, happily. But when all those social programs change either to stop entirely or limit the time in the handout, the Trump supporters will change. Tax policy will change the rest as soon as they will have to pay an increase, they will cry out. Media is another matter, they are slowly waking up to a different reality, one that may hamper their very reporting, Trump has admired Putins way of ruling and I believe Trump may attempt to muzzle MSM, in some way, but yes they fall into his hands right now solidifying his base in their hatred until trumps base get their money and food stamps taken away then there will be a real wake up, the right wing will recognize that we liberals warned them so a reckoning is going to come but for trump followers not us liberals. Just wait, they will unify when their free ride dries up.