Lyn Alden: The Bursting Of The Sovereign Bond Bubble

Blockworks Macro, Released on 10/27/22 (Recorded on 10/20/22)

In October 2021, Lyn Alden, renowned macroeconomic thinker and investor, joined Forward Guidance for its first episode to argue that the sovereign bond market was vulnerable to inflationary pressures. 1 year later, with investors having dumped many trillions worth of government bonds, Alden returns to share her thinking on the long-term debt cycle, the energy markets, and what she sees as growing pressures for central banks to reliquify their beleaguered bond markets.

Lyn Alden is the founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy. Lyn has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in engineering management, with a focus on engineering economics and financial modeling. She worked as an electrical engineer at an aviation facility, and over the course of a decade worked her way up from being an intern to being the lead engineer and running the day-to-day operations and finances of the facility, before retiring early at age 33 with financial independence. Since then, Lyn has been a full-time investor and independent analyst.

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