Kyle Bass: China knowingly infected the rest of the world

The Epoch Times, Released on 4/17/20

2:54 Timeline of the Chinese regime’s cover-up of COVID 19
9:57 Western democracies rely on supply chains in China for critical products, including medicine
14:44 What will economic recovery from COVID 19 look like in the US?
21:52 The US should decouple from China
26:40 The Chinese regime depends on US dollars for its survival, and the US govt can use this in its favor.
26:47 Hong Kong will likely be hit by a devastating banking crisis this year
56:43 How should the US reform its system to level the playing field with China?

Kyle Bass is an American hedge fund manager. He is the founder and principal of Hayman Capital Management, L.P., a Dallas-based hedge fund focused on global event-driven opportunities.

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