Kevin O’Leary Predicts Putin Will Be Assassinated By Russian Oligarchs Soon!

Meet Kevin, Released on 3/7/22

*This interview was recorded March 7, 2022

With everything that’s been going on in the world, along with how some of our political leaders are handling these situations, the future for investors is changing. With inflation starting to show in gas prices and food, It’s important as an investor to look at policies and not politics with these events. Here is an inside look on how I’m approaching the next few months, along with an update of my portfolio.

Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian businessman, investor, and television personality. From his basement, he launched SoftKey Software Products and In 1999 Kevin sold his company to the Mattel Toy Company for a staggering 3.7 billion dollars, one of the largest deals ever done in the consumer software industry. To keep his money working hard, he took control of his wealth from his lackluster money managers and founded his own mutual fund company, O’Leary Funds. He raised hundreds of millions of dollars from investors who share his “get paid while you wait” yield oriented, value investing philosophy. He is a venture capitalist on the Canadian television show Dragons’ Den as well as a shark on the United States’ version of Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank, which airs on ABC. Kevin has authored 2 books: Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money & Life and The Cold Hard Truth On Men, Women, and Money: 50 Common Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them.

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Canadian businessman” providing us with the official Canadian narrative. Whatever the Swiss did in regard to Russians was not done for any moral reasons.
He says that “Putin has turned aside all his support that he had gathered internally”. Sorry, that is not what the polls show, with 80% support in Russia.

And no, Russia is not “losing the war”, Russia has destroyed the Ukrainian air force, navy, and all the command and control; the Ukrainian Armed Forces are isolated and pinned down, running out of ammunition and fuel, with the bulk of the UAF about to be eliminated in eastern Ukraine.

And it is the West that will be destroyed by the insane sanctions that is has enacted. I had to laugh when O’Leary said Russia will “miss all the things they have enjoyed for all these years, as the West cuts them off from financial services”. Years of US/Western sanctions have already made Russia essentially self-sufficient, and most of the “things that we enjoy” are made exactly where? In CHINA lol, which is now Russia’s major ally.

Russia will now control 40% of global wheat production, along with massive reserves in petroleum and minerals and this goes with a major industrial base that manufactures everything from airplanes to ships to cars, electronics, etc etc. Sure, they have some deficiencies, but those will be made up for via China.

And the tribunals will begin in Donbass or Crimea — not the Hague — and they will feature the Ukrainian Nazis who will be describing the nefarious role of the US/NATO, including Ukrainian biolabs (funded by the US DOD) working on biological warfare research that was not allowed in the US.

Which is why Russian media is being banned, as it is important to control the narrative as reality continues to diverge from the propaganda flooding the West.

Karl Graz

O’Leary needs to spend his time more productively, as in shopping for a descent wardrobe. His funeral director look doesn’t cut it!


What a bunch of B.S. Stick to Shark Tank.