Keith Neumeyer: Silver price to hit ‘high ranges’ of triple digits; Not enough on planet to meet demands

Kitco News, Released on 9/24/21

Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver, has previously called for the silver price to eventually hit triple digits. Now, he’s upgrading that forecast.

“We have two new driving forces which are electric cars and solar panels. These technologies, these businesses, really didn’t exist for the most part a decade ago. Today, I’m even more committed. I’m thinking triple-digit silver…I was always thinking in the low end of that triple digit. But now, I’m thinking it’s possible to get into the higher end of that range,” Neumeyer told Michell Makori, editor-in-chief of Kitco News at the Denver Gold Forum.

0:00 – Silver demand outlook
3:35 – Silver’s industrial uses
5:50 – Silver price suppression
8:00 – First Majestic Silver
13:04 – Deep sea mining
14:00 – Gold mining/price outlook
16:00 – Gold price outlook
16:43 – Bitcoin

Keith Neumeyer is the president and CEO of First Majestic Silver, one of the largest primary silver mining companies in the world. He’s also the founder and chairman of First Mining Finance. Both companies are traded on the Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges.

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Triple digits these days seem to be closer to $9.99 than $999. Paper market price now in the mid $22 range! Random BU Silver Eagles now selling on SD Bullion for under $30 each — 25% decrease in prices from highs several months ago.

If you can afford to wait then maybe things will change. Not quite so easy to wait when you are in your 70s and need to cash in to pay for the “golden years” lol.