Keeping it Real When Everything Isn’t | Rob Kirby

Reluctant Preppers, Released on 1/24/20

Rob Kirby, proprietary analyst and founder of, returns to Finance and Liberty / Reluctant Peppers to lay out his view of the dystopic financial world we are being subjected to, and how we can keep our heads clear and feet on the ground to protect our families and our future.

Rob Kirby is a financial commentator and former broker who worked on an institutional trading desk for most of the 1980s and right up until 1996. He also worked for 11 years at Prebon Yamane, an international inter-dealer broker of foreign exchange and interest rate products. He spent an additional year at another money/bond broker called Freedom Bond Brokers, then spent two years at Garban Inc., another inter dealer bond brokerage in Toronto – and left the industry in 1996. He started writing in 1997, and was involved in a number of entrepreneurial pursuits from marketing Buffalo meat to a part time stint in the giftware business. In 2002, he went to work for Investor’s Group, the largest Mutual Fund Company in Canada. He worked there up until September ’04 when he resigned to write about the markets – and his book – from a “gold bug’s” point of view. His website is called Kirby Analytics.

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This is for Rob Kirby:

You said it would be extremely difficult to make gold coated/plated tungsten 1oz rounds. Wrong. Coins like this have been made in China for close to 10 years. You could even obtain, for a higher price, rounds with gold thicknesses exceeding 5 mils. Coins like this, if the strike is well done, are virtually impossible to detect visually. However, there is a fool proof way of detecting fake rounds such as this, which is by a sound test. And such test equipment is available for less than $100. Note that its been said its impossible to plate tungsten with gold. But what if the the tungsten round is first plated/coated with a metal that gold can be plated onto?