John Williams: Hyperinflation and US dollar collapse appear to be on the horizon

Retirement Lifestyle Advocates, Released on 6/13/21

Hyperinflation and a collapse of the US dollar now appear to be on the horizon. The FED continues to create dollars at unprecedented levels, up 75% in the last 12 months alone and with no signs of stopping. Our guest this week is economist John Williams. Your host, Dennis Tubbergen, discusses hyperinflation and phony government statistics on this week’s Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio program.

Walter J. “John” Williams has been a private consulting economist and a specialist in government economic reporting for more than 30 years. His economic consultancy is called Shadow Government Statistics ( He tracks and reports economic data using the methodologies formerly used by government agencies prior to changes being made to make the reported data look more favorable, and estimates the true, real inflation rate to be significantly higher than the reported rate. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics, cum laude, from Dartmouth College in 1971, and was awarded a master’s degree in business administration from Dartmouth’s Amos Tuck School of Business Administration in 1972, where he was named an Edward Tuck Scholar.

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