John Rubino – No Longer The Luckiest Generation: Boomer Finances Start To Roll Over

Dollar Collapse, Released on 2/2/19

We Baby Boomers timed it perfectly. We came of age during in an era of plentiful jobs and relatively high wages. Public pensions were generous. Stock, bond and


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This is a major problem in the United States for retired social security recipients. For decades the U.S. government allowed our industry to leave the country, which affected the income of millions of U.S. citizens and thus made it ultimately difficult to pay off student debt, as well as just manage their households and other liabilities. It made it impossible to get ahead. While corporations and bankers were allowed to claim bankruptcy and were actually bailed-out, the people of the country were run aground by lack of employment, diminishing wages, and the inability to claim bankruptcy for student debt. The phrase “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” did not and still does not apply when it comes to the rules of bankruptcy. Those in a higher income bracket (corporations/banks) are given advantages that are not given to the common citizen, right up and into retirement age. This needs to change. Do you not think that a Debt Jubilee is in order? It is about time in order for fairness and to get all economies back on track.