John Embry: Precious metals, US equities, gold mining stocks

Chris Waltzek, Goldseek Radio, Released on 4/6/16

  • He shares his outlook on the precious metals sector.
  • News that gold was higher by 16% in the first quarter unnerved the central bank cartel, sending shockwaves through their ranks.
  • US equities appear wildly overvalued, despite constant support from government officials.
  • He cautions investors on US stocks – new purchases may not be warranted. Nevertheless, the PMs equities indexes HUI / XAU remain robust.
  • The PMs shares tend to lead the underlying PMs higher.
  • While the 80% advance in the HUI may seem excessive, the covering of billions of ‘naked’ shares, could support higher prices.
  • The retail market may not have even begun to dip its collective toe into the proverbial marketplace, which could extend the impressive rally.
  • While gold is destined for a several fold price explosion in the coming years, silver represents the best bargain.
  • The gold:silver ratio could easily drop from 80:1 to 20:1 sending silver to $60 per ounce without any change in the gold price. John Embry insists that

John Embry joined Sprott Asset Management LP as Chief Investment Strategist in March 2003. He plays an instrumental role in developing the corporate and investment policy of the firm. John, an industry expert in precious metals, has studied the gold sector for over thirty years and has accumulated industry experience as a portfolio management specialist since 1963.

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Joe Blow

“Topicality”??? Really? Is this interviewer so desperate to sound smart that he butchers the language in the process? What an unfortunate distraction.