Jim Sinclair: Helicopter Money is the end of the financial world as we know it

There are problems much larger than anyone has yet mentioned. We live in a stretched beyond tight, credit world. When credit anywhere falls significantly, it puts pressure on the entire system.


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The young lady should be more concerned about the strong solar storm that comes approximately every 150 years (it’s been about 159 already … so we’re over due). Last time it took out what we had: telegraph lines and fried them. This time, it would take out our power grid … and it is said that it could take quite a long time to replace & repair them (TX, east coast & west coast). Apparently, this is known by the government and the electrical companies … we just didn’t know. And what would that mean: no electricity, water not pumped into homes,etc. They are predicting a very frightening loss of life (50-80%) because people will not be prepared or prepped for food & water, etc.
And we thought it was only the outcome of a devastating financial collapse. Or,someone like the recently arrested hacker who attempted to take down the grid. Or, an EMP from an aggressive nation.
Whether we believe this or not, we might look into the facts of the matter before we scoff, and listen to our government that just a few months ago asked its citizens to responsibly prepare for any kind of emergency by purchasing several months (at least)supply of food and water. Just saying … and your government did as well.