Jim Paterson: Start Paying Attention to the Junior Miners Before its Too Late

Palisade Radio, Released on 5/10/20

Tom welcomes back a past guest Jim Paterson who is Chairman and CEO of ValOre Metals Corp. He says, “It’s time for people to get serious about the gold space and focus on projects that are advancing as those companies will get rewarded.” The general investment community has yet to take a new interest in mining and gold. When attention returns, you will see movement first in the big names in mining. Things are looking exciting as projects in the gold space are getting funded. There is a perfect storm brewing around the world for gold. Mine shutdowns are causing supply issues but at the same time operating expenses are in decline. Uranium has been a frustrating sector, but the number of new nuclear reactors is growing, supply destruction is genuine, and the price is beginning to move.

Time Stamp References:
0:44 – Magnitude of the global black swan.
2:30 – Generalist investor phase is coming.
4:40 – What to look for in companies.
6:10 – His impressions on silver.
9:20 – Perfect storm for gold.
11:20 – Mining operation expenses and oil.
12:20 – Supply deficits in uranium.
15:20 – Status of their uranium project.
17:10 – Demand for other metals.

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