Jim Grant Podcast – The Great Repression

Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Podcast, Released on 1/23/19

Russell Napier, independent strategist and co-founder of the Electronic Research Interchange, joins the program to discuss the state of financial markets and his thought-provoking recent essay in the Financial Times.

3:18 “There’s a global monetary system?”
6:06 Central bank credit and “the savings glut”
11:28 Treasury yields: The world’s most reflexive asset class
18:35 ”The People’s Bank of China can inflate the whole world”

James “Jim” Grant is an American writer and publisher and the founder of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, a twice-monthly journal of the financial markets. He is the author , most recently, of The Forgotten Depression: 1921: The Crash That Cured Itself. Grant’s television appearances include “60 Minutes,” “The Charlie Rose Show,” Bloomberg TV, CNBC and other well-known financial news sources. His journalism has appeared in a variety of periodicals, including the “Financial Times”, “The Wall Street Journal” and “Foreign Affairs.”

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