Jim Grant covers the state of the economy and the chaos to come

Alpha Exchange, Released on 1/18/19

Jim covers the bad old inflation days of the early 1980’s and the courage of Paul Volcker, the many lessons learned through risk cycles, negative interest rates and his view on the damage done to the price discovery process wrought by the interventionist activities of the modern Central Banker. Jim even shares his views on the National Weather Service in the course of our excellent discussion.

James “Jim” Grant is an American writer and publisher and the founder of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, a twice-monthly journal of the financial markets. He is the author , most recently, of The Forgotten Depression: 1921: The Crash That Cured Itself. Grant’s television appearances include “60 Minutes,” “The Charlie Rose Show,” Bloomberg TV, CNBC and other well-known financial news sources. His journalism has appeared in a variety of periodicals, including the “Financial Times”, “The Wall Street Journal” and “Foreign Affairs.”

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