Jeff Clark: As Silver Crosses $50, What’s The Price of First Majestic?

Arcadia Economics, Released on 9/23/20

Some of the silver miners are already making a lot of money with silver at $25. So one can only wonder how much money stocks like First Majestic Silver are going to be making when the price of silver eventually hits $50. And if you’re wondering what the stock price of First Majestic could be when that happens, click to find out what silver expert Jeff Clark of thinks!

Jeff Clark is editor and lead writer of BIG GOLD, the monthly gold-investment newsletter from Doug Casey’s Casey Research. He is also the Senior Precious Metals Analyst at Having worked on his family’s gold claims in California and Arizona, and analyzing the big trends in gold’s bull market, Jeff and his team aim to highlight safe and profitable ways for the prudent investor to capitalize on today’s long-term rise.

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