Inflation? No Worries says David Rosenberg

Jay Taylor Media, Released on 6/2/21

David Rosenberg, the founder and president of Rosenberg Research & Associates, gives his views on inflation and how he is investing in this environment.

David Rosenberg is the chief economist & strategist of Rosenberg Research & Associates, an economic consulting firm he established in January 2020. He received both a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts degree in economics from the University of Toronto. Prior to starting his firm, he was Gluskin Sheff’s chief economist & strategist. Mr. Rosenberg was also chief North American economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York and prior thereto, he was a senior economist at BMO Nesbitt Burns and Bank of Nova Scotia. Mr. Rosenberg previously ranked first in economics in the Brendan Wood International Survey for Canada for seven straight years, was on the US Institutional Investor All American All Star Team for four years, and was ranked second overall in the 2008 survey.

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A establishment, former banker Democrat shill. Yeah, I believe him as much as I believe Fauci about masks.


Yep, you can hear any story you want to from the “GURU’s”. SHITCOINS to get rich, Bonds to get rich, stocks to get rich, cash to get rich, RE to get rich….That just proves it’s not science and substantiates the monkey throwing darts performs better than Guru’s. But this equity and RE thing seems to be a bit long in tooth.