Harley Schlanger: We Are in a Systemic Breakdown Crisis

The LaRouche Organization, Released on 10/8/21

Inflation, breakdown in supply chains, etc., are real. But they are only a reflection of a broader dynamic, which Lyndon LaRouche called a Systemic Breakdown Crisis”. This is being worsened by the push for “Green” policies, and the “Great Reset.”

Friday Question: What do you make of the Facebook whistleblower, who charged that Facebook was aware of the “toxic impact” of Instagram, and the algorithms which promote “extremism” and polarization? The narrative emerging is that the company prioritizes profit over public good –No Kidding, but that is the modus operandi of the entire neoliberal system: So, why is this coming out now?

Harley Schlanger’s work can be found at The LaRouche Organization and The Schiller Institute.

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