Harley Schlanger: U.S. Post-war Policy Toward Afghanistan Sets the Stage for More War

The LaRouche Organization, Released on 9/23/21

The freezing of Afghanistan’s national funds held in the N.Y. Federal Reserve Bank, ordered by Treasury Secretary Yellen on August 15, is setting the stage for further chaos in that war-torn country. You don’t have to love the Taliban to demand the unfreezing of those funds — they belong to the sovereign nation of Afghanistan, and are needed to feed people, provide medicine, purchase fuel, etc. By withholding those funds, the U.S. and its allies are starving children, exactly as the British colonial administrators did to their colonies. Is this what the Biden administration intends, when it says the era of endless wars is over???

Harley Schlanger’s work can be found at The LaRouche Organization and The Schiller Institute.

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