Greg Weldon: The Beginning Of The End For The US Housing Market?

Gregory Weldon, Released on 7/23/22

Greg Weldon’s LIVE focus on US Housing … “The Horror” … as the Mortgage market’s crash extends, and begins to backfire into Sales, and Starts !!!! … AND, a SPECIAL BONUS, my data dissection of the Philly Fed Survey, which revealed clear-cut signs of a SIGNIFICANT LOOSENING in US Supply Chains and SHORTENING (vendor) Delivery Times !!!

Gregory Weldon is CEO of Weldon Financial and Editor of the influential newsletters “Weldon’s Money Monitor,” the “Commodity and Currency Monitor,” the” Metal Monitor,” and the “ETF Playbook.” He launched these macro-market publications, covering supply-demand fundamentals, along with technical, intermarket, and psychological insights, after building a successful career as a trader on Wall Street. Weldon has since established himself as a noted authority in the gold market as well as the global capital markets. He is the author of Gold Trading Boot Camp: How to Master the Basics and Become a Successful Commodities Investor.

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Karl Graz

Mr. Weldon could have said everything he needed to say in about one third the time. Why is it that people seem to think they need to repeat themselves a dozen different ways in order to get their point across? It’s redundant I say……..redundant!

In his presentation he mentions the Florida housing market several times but fails to include one important point. It’s my prediction that In about a year or two the Florida market is going to have one heck of a crash when the hundreds of thousands of disgruntled northerners who recently moved there in a panic come to realize that they’ve made a HUGE mistake! Living in Florida looks great, on paper. The only problem with relocating to Florida is, however, that you have to live in Florida!

I speak from experience as I’ve tried it a couple of times and was greatly disappointed! Just my opinion.


Karl, i hope your right about crash in FL because I want to buy but what about it dissapointed you? The sun?

Karl Graz

What disappointed me? Lets see….maybe it was the four or five months of oppressive heat and humidity that prevented me from doing anything outdoors (just like the winters up north)….the miserable traffic, as bad as or worse than anything in the northeast….working for inconsiderate bosses who obviously didn’t worry about losing employees since there was always an endless supply of new arrivals to the state…(this didn’t affect me personally, but I saw it first hand with others that I worked with)…..items such as car insurance that now were more expensive because of the higher theft rate for vehicles in my new, and what I thought to be very good, neighborhood and the fact that after waiting out the long, hot summer, I now had to compete with hundreds of thousands of my former (snowbird) neighbors for seats at a restaurant or parking at the beach once the good weather had finally arrived. Oh yeah…then there was the couple of times I required medical/dental treatment and wasn’t all that satisfied with the results and, finally, the need to have an exerminator regularly visit my apartment (never needed that before). Aside from that, Florida was great!

My point is that many people think that Florida is some sort of ‘shangri la’ and when you try to explain to them them it isn’t, that there are still problems, just different problems they get defensive and turn a deaf ear. It used to bother me, but now I just laugh and think to myself…you’ll see!

My last excursion, living in the sunshine state, was number of years ago and from what I’ve been reading recently the cost of purchasing a home or just renting is now going off the charts due to the mass exodus of people from ‘blue states’ in the last few years. So the historical main draw, lower cost of living, seems to be disappearing rapidly. My guess is that anyone wanting to relocate there who can wait a couple of years may be able to find more affordable housing at that time, but that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong. Maybe another four or five million “refugees” will have to arrive before things finally begin to cool down.

Good luck…hope your experience there is better than mine!