Greg Weldon: Do We Really Have Bubbles Everywhere?

YouTube, Released on 9/14/17 (Record on 9/13/17)

In today’s WeldonLIVE we take a GIANT step back to observe the BIG picture dynamic in the US while asking the questions … is there a bubble in the US stock market??…is there a bubble in the US Bond market…and is there a bubble in US Consumer Credit??? The answer could be YES to ALL of the above !!! To get access to the FULL, 70+ page report, with some INCREDIBLE charts, email Katelyn Ellis at [email protected]

Gregory Weldon is CEO of Weldon Financial and Editor of the influential newsletters “Weldon’s Money Monitor,” the “Commodity and Currency Monitor,” the” Metal Monitor,” and the “ETF Playbook.” He launched these macro-market publications, covering supply-demand fundamentals, along with technical, intermarket, and psychological insights, after building a successful career as a trader on Wall Street. Weldon has since established himself as a noted authority in the gold market as well as the global capital markets. He is the author of Gold Trading Boot Camp: How to Master the Basics and Become a Successful Commodities Investor.

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Looks like the link got stepped on.