Grant Williams: What will the future bring?

WTFinance, Released on 10/7/22 (Recorded on 10/6/22)

On todays episode of the WTFinance podcast I had the pleasure of speaking with Grant Williams, an experienced investor who is the author of the Newsletter Things That Make You GO Hmmmmm and Co-Founder of the Real Vision Group. On the podcast we talked about the future secular trends we may experience, why governments will continue to take the easy way out, how this will lead to destruction of unproductive value and the potential for commodity backed reserve currency from BRICS. I hope you enjoy!

0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – Will we be changing secular trend?
2:50 – Will governments continue to take the easy way out?
7:15 – Losing faith in government bond markets?
10:23 – What will the future bring?
12:00 – Challenge with predicting collapse of the current system
14:00 – Government protecting pension funds
16:00 – More conflict between east vs west?
19:10 – Commodities-backed reserve countries led by BRICS?
23:20 – Will the West sanction a BRICS backed commodity/system and make those countries uninvestable?
25:55 – Will manufacturing and traditional value investing benefit from this future change?
29:10 – Wealth divide?
32:10 – Could crypto suffer in this environment?
34:10 – One message to take away from our conversation?

Grant Williams is the portfolio manager of the Vulpes Precious Metals Fund and strategy advisor to Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore. Grant has 28 years of experience in finance on the Asian, Australian, European and US markets and has held senior positions at several international investment houses, including Robert Fleming, UBS and Credit Suisse. Since 2009, he has also been writing the popular investment newsletter Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

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