Grant Williams: The end of the petrodollar system and a new place for gold in the global monetary system

Grant Williams, Grant Williams – YouTube Channel, Released on 2/7/17

Grant Williams’ presentation from Mines & Money in London in December 2016. A follow-up to Nobody Cares which focuses on gold’s performance in 2016, the reaction to Donald Trump’s election and joins a series of dots that may lead to the end of the petrodollar system and a new place for gold in the global monetary system.

Grant Williams is the portfolio manager of the Vulpes Precious Metals Fund and strategy advisor to Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore. Grant has 28 years of experience in finance on the Asian, Australian, European and US markets and has held senior positions at several international investment houses, including Robert Fleming, UBS and Credit Suisse. Since 2009, he has also been writing the popular investment newsletter Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

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Hey Herman,

I had sent this to you a few days back – I don’t know if you saw it. I have listened to it three times now and believe it should have some sort of permanent placement on your website. It is clearly the blueprint of a financial structure still under construction.

This outlines the death of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency that is taking place in the wider world and there is little the US can do about, other than going to war.

It also highlights the Trump has to tread very carefully in dealing with some of these nations but I am sure that he and his team know this.

Some theorize that Trump is being set up to take the fall for this globalist’s financial shitfest and discredit him and dispirit those who supported him.

All that said, the quote by World Bank President, Zoelick – a former US trade rep, put gold into the equation on a research currency reset, is interesting. Was this statement sanctioned? And by whom?

Also one issue that is latent in this story. If all the oil exports convert their Yuan to gold on the SGE, can will they have to park it permanently China?

Certainly many will draw down on these accounts as they buy China’s output. This plan appears to lock the market up if this is the case?

If you can’t take the gold – take China’s products. (including their poisonous food.)

I hate to say it but it is obviously a better arrangement than buying the flood of debt paper based on a currency with a state goal to devalue it based on specious metrics that hide the true rate of inflation by design.


I wish you had an edit function.


As an American, we had better hope we still have lots of oil under our lands because once this tips over, oil will get far more expensive in dollars on the global market.

The currency supply glut will help for some time but you can also bet far less exploration is taking place at these prices. So the glut can be erased in a relatively short period of time. All this as more boomers enter retirement age.

And few realize that food flows on a river of oil – from plow, to planting, to petro-based fertilizers and pesticides, to picking, sorting, packing, and several steps in distribution before getting home and cooked. Hydrocarbons consumed virtually every step of the way…right to when the food gets on your plate.


“current supply glut” – arrgh. Me fingers are not connected to my head.


From KWN today:

“For China, gold’s strategic mission is to support the internationalization of the renminbi and be a strong support for China’s goals of becoming an economic power and realizing the ‘Chinese Dream.’ Gold is the only product that holds properties of a commodity and currency; it’s the most trusty asset on which modern fiat currency can be based. From a historical perspective, gold has played an irreplaceable role in times of financial and geopolitical crises and in protecting a country’s economic security. It is this unique nature and function of gold that give it a glorious and holy role to play during the revitalization of the greatness of the Chinese people and the realization of the ‘Chinese Dream.’’’ — Song Xin

And as Williams notes in his presentation – our debt to gold ratio is plummeting – if we have the gold at all.