Gold Cartel Breaking; Gold to Shoot Up in 2016 – Bill Murphy of GATA

Daniel Ameduri, Future Money Trends, Released on 6/17/16

00:50 Introduction to Bill Murphy
01:30 Is Gold Bull Market Just Cycle or Cartel Failing?
03:00 If Gold shot to $10,000 there would be Chaos
03:30 Silver could go to $25 Soon – will Explode More than Gold
04:30 Banks Caught Rigging Gold Price, Paying Fines
05:50 Fake Gold & Silver: Does this Mean Supply is Tight?
06:35 $1,300 Price Broke, Gold to Shoot up Quickly
07:15 Negative Interest Rates
08:35 Mining Stocks Rally Big
10:40 Upcoming Conferences with Bill – New Orleans Oct 26
11:50 Outro & Get more from Bill –

Bill Murphy is a former American professional football player, financial commentator, and the chairman and director of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), which was founded as a result of Murphy’s essays on collusion among large financial institutions to suppress the price of precious metals. Murphy believes the price of gold is artificially low and has spent years lobbying the U.S. government to investigate market manipulation in the gold market. Earlier disregarded as a conspiracy theorist, his arguments were strengthened by a London precious metals trader who became a whistleblower and an American commodities trader, who inadvertently revealed that gold was leveraged 100 times physical.

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